ButtFucker [BF] joined chat.
BF: I better go.
BF: The police can only get me with a confession.
TA: but waiit
TA: ii don't even know your name
TA: how wiill ii fiind you agaiin!?
BF: I go with the wind...
BF: ...and away from the police.
BF: You will find me on the day of your lowest.
BF: When you cannot defend yourself.
TA: 2woon.
BF: I will protect you.
BF: And possibly violate you.
BF: But mostly protect.
TA: ii feel thii2 mu2t be de2tiiny.
TA: ii wiill keep my whiip2 handy.
BF: Whenever this moment comes...
BF: ...whisper one thing...
BF: ...ButtFucker~
TA: oh mr. buttfucker ooh.
BF: *Throws his cap behind him and jumps out the window*
TA: ii wiill awaiit you!
ButtFucker [BF] disconnected.